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GPTs builder: huge warning

"GptBuilder" by OpenAI enables to create our own chatbots: it is a great opportunity, but with a ⚠️ huge WARNING. 

➕ Opportunity

Each and everyone, without any coding skill, can now smartly share its passion & expertise via a customised chatbot made available to everybody. 

✨ There is no limit anymore to smartly share ones knowledge (and someday, maybe, be rewarded for it) whether it is in consulting, healthcare, education... cooking. 

➖ Warning

But, chatbot builders must be aware that their users will be able to "retro-engineer" the prompt & data used to build and train this bot: 

⚡ Therefore, never train the chatbot with sensitive data. 

⚡ And ensure that the chatbot is instructed to prevent the user from accessing the prompt details and training data.

This is not a perfect solution but may protect from basic retro-engineering requests.

▪️▪️▪️ NB: of course, the biggest beneficiary of this innovation will be OpenAI itself; it will be able to :

  • create an infinite number of indirect sellers of its platform (since we will promote our chatbot... hosted on OpenAI platform),

  • but also exploit all the knowledge of each chatbot to improve its own ChatGpt.


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