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“I tried ChatGpt once”

Said the manager of a large company.

But after listening to this audio, he had this 'oops' moment:

"I didn't see this coming so quickly... We need to prepare, NOW."

➡️ The new bcc?

  • In the 90s, email democratized the "bcc:" function to reach thousands of recipients at once (hello spam).

  • Today, AI may be poised to democratize massive side-call campaigns.

➡️OEDC “fact check”

This audio clip perfectly illustrates the OECD's statement: "AI differs from all previous innovations both in its scope of application and in the speed of its development.


These “AI conversations” apply to sales, customer service, candidate interviews, training, factory maintenance orientation, to name a few.

(and this only concerns the “vocal” dimension of AI).


A few months before this recording, similar AI attempts were promising but far from conclusive.

It only took a few months to reach this astonishing level.

The few remaining defects can therefore be corrected very quickly.


Expert salespeople will notice how the AI moved the prospect from “no” to “yes.”

Even though AI is not intelligent, but only a super-powered calculator, there is no denying its ability to simulate empathy (surpassing doctors in recent studies).

AI is not the future, it is the present.

“I tried ChatGpt ONCE”

📢 Are all leaders, especially in SMEs and mid-sized companies, moving fast enough?


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